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Australian Paella Burner Buying Guide : Buy a geniune Garcima paella gas ring burner from Saffrondust

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Paella gas ring burner system buying guide

Introducing the Garcima range of paella gas burner cooking systems, now available in Australia through Saffrondust.

Garcima is the original Spanish brand, with a 40 year history of manufacturing precision paella cooking systems and kitchenware. Spanish designed and built with the utmost attention to quality and utility, the Garcima brand is synonymous with paella in all corners of the world.

Buying a paella burner has never been easier with the Saffrondust range of paella burners covering all popular sizes. From the domestic 400mm dual gas ring burners to cook for a family to the huge 700mm burner suitable for commercial catering.

The first thing to ask yourself is what is the maximum number of people am I going to be cooking for, and buy a burner to suit. As a general rule a  Garcima paella burner will have an upper limit to the size pan it can hold, but the dual or triple gas ring design means it can be used to cook smaller pans when needed.

If you think that 20 people is about the maximum you will want to cook for, then use our charts below to select the right sized pan for 20 guests, and then work back to select the right sized burner to cook with that pan.

Garcima 400mm Dual Gas Ring Paella Burner

Suitable for domestic outdoor use, the Garcima 400mm dual gas ring paella burner makes a unique addition to your home, and you will impress your family and friends again and again as you hone your paella cooking skills, and perfect your signature recipe.

The Garcima 400mm paella burner models have 2 concentric independently controlled gas rings, which means you can cook on just the inner ring for a smaller pan, or fire up both rings to cook a larger pan up to 65cm.

The 400mm burner comes in 2 bundle options shown below, the standard 400mm burner and stand with 50cm paella pan, or, the 400mm "Wheelie Stand" burner with 46cm paella pan which is a great feature if you need to wheel it away between uses without disassembly. 

If you are planning to disassemble for storage, and reassemble for use, the standard burner and stand is better due to the quicker assembly and disassembly.  If you are going to store the burner assembled, then the Andreu "rolling stand" is probably more convenient.


The standard 400mm burner fits the reinforced steel stand, and is suitable for paella pans up to 70cm.

The Garcima 400mm Andreu “Rolling Stand” paella burner comes complete with a 46cm carbon steel paella pan for just $350 including shipping, and delivers all the hardware you need in one box to start cooking paella immediately.

Some assembly is required, watch the video below to see how easy it is to assemble the 400mm “Rolling Stand” paella burner.

600mm Triple Gas Ring Paella Burners

For professional or commercial use the Garcima 600mm triple gas ring paella burner delivers cooking capacity that will enable you to feed the hungriest of crowds.

With a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance, Garcima brand burners are used by professional paella chefs in the International Paella Championships. These burners have been adapted by the manufacturer for Australian fittings and pressures, and connect to a standard BBQ gas bottle, making them versatile and adaptable for use in any location or situation.

The 600mm Triple Ring Gas Burners has 3 concentric independently controlled gas rings for complete control of the cooking surface, and will handle large sized pans up to 100cm.  

The image below shows a triple ring burner, you can see the great heat coverage that comes from the 3 rings, and you can see in the image the 3 independent heat control knobs for each ring.

When cooking for a crowd, you will need to work out some numbers to calculate what sort of setup you need.  A 90cm pan will serve around 50 servings, and your paella might take around 40 minutes to cook.  Firstly how many people do you plan to serve in what time, and what sized serving will the average customer need.

When you do the calculations, you will either need 1 burner and 2 pans, or multiple burners and one or more pans per burner.

For example if you are catering a party of 80 people you would need 2 burners and 2 pans so that you can do 2 options (seafood and vegetarian ?), all the paella is ready at once, and everyone can be served together, with plenty left over for seconds.  People will probably be wanting main sized portions.

If you are setting up at a busy market you might serve smaller portion sizes to get more mileage out of your paella.  If you expect to serve 2 customers per minute for 2 hours during lunch rush that is 120 portions per hour.  You will need 2 burners and 3 or 4 pans so that you can keep the paella coming and don’t lose sales having to wait for a paella to cook.  It also gives you the option for 2 different paella styles, eg. one seafood, one m eat, or even a vegetarian option.

If you think your peak demand will be less than that say 1 customer per minute, or 60 per hour, then you could use 1 burner and 2 pans to meet the capacity.

Paella Burner Stands and Accessories

The short video below shows how to assemble the red reinforced steel stand onto the burner. Note how the burner is assembled upside down, and then the final part of the assembly where the wingnuts are fastened onto the cross braces pulls the whole assembly together under tension, resulting in a very stable and strong burner and stand assembly.

Other accessories in the range include the table stand, perfect if you are planning to operate your burner on a flat surface such as a table. The aluminium table stand can also be used on a normal gas cooktop if you want to cook a large pan over multiple gas hobs.

The Garcima rustic Spanish barbecue is a luxurious accessory incorporating the stand and enclosed steel barbecue. The Garcima rustic barbecue can be used with charcoal or wood to create an authentic paella cooking experience, or, can be used with a Garcima gas burner if you prefer to cook over gas.

In the image below, taken at the 1 st International Paella Championships at Manly Corso, May 2014, shows the chefs cooking with a Garcima 400mm dual ring gas burner, a Garcima rustic barbecue enclosure, and a Garcima 70cm carbon steel paella pan. 

This professional setup represents the ultimate paella cooking system for the serious paellero, and the professional chefs competing at the International Paella Championships in Manly produced some stunning dishes.

Starting from just $350 for the Garcima 400mm Andreu “Rolling Stand” paella burner with genuine Garcima 46cm carbon steel pan; the quality, reliability, and performance of a Garcima paella cooking system is now just within a few clicks of Australian customers through Saffrondust.

Browse our range of paella burners and accessories to see which one is right for you.

Cooking with Garcima Paella Burner

The short video below shows how to cook paella using the multi ring technology in a Garcima dual ring or triple ring gas burner. Note how the chef starts off using the inner ring to brown off the meat and start to create a stock. The outer rings are only used later when the water is added and brought to the boil before adding the rice.



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