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Where can I buy a quality paella rice ?

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Paella is a simple technique, made great through the use of quality ingredients.

Paella rice and a quality stock are the two most important elements of the paella to get right.  Without a quality paella rice and stock, it doesn't matter how good the chef, the paella will not live up to expectations.   With a quality rice and stock, coupled with quality ingredients, any chef can produce a wonderful result.

To learn about the best rice to use in paellaread our article which describes the unique characteristics of a good paella rice.

So where can I buy a quality paella rice ?

When we are buying paella rice we are looking for a short grain Spanish rice, the best paella rice being cultivated in Valencia or Calasparra regions of Spain.

The unique cultivation methods and relatively low production volumes of these special rice varieties means that they are not suited to the big supermarkets, and you will rarely find a good paella rice in Woolworths or Coles.

The best option is to look in a specialist deli.  I have found great quality Calasparra rice in Simon Johnson stores, along with a range of other paella accessories and ingredients such as paella pans and paella stock.

Likewise in many independent deli's I have been delighted to find a range of bomba paella rices, and quality stocks.

The only downside of buying in a specialist deli can be the cost.

Paella rice is unique and caters to a very niche market.  Most Australian consumers would not necessarily know about Calasparra and bomba rice varieties, and might be tempted to use arborio rice in their paella (a real no-no, as it becomes sticky like risotto).

Paella rice is a high cost rice variety to start with, and coupled with a relatively low consumer demand, the price of an authentic paella rice in the specialist deli's can be very high.

It is not unusual to see 500g of paella rice selling for $10 or $12 in a specialist deli, and a kilo bag for close to $20.

Now if you are in a hurry to cook paella you will not have much option other than to buy paella rice at the specialist deli.

But with a little planning ahead (or, if its not convenient to get to a deli), you can source great quality authentic paella rice online at a cost effective price, which includes delivery to your front door !

At Saffrondust we buy our paella rice in bulk, meaning that we can secure competitive pricing and pass on the savings to our customers through our great offers which include free shipping anywhere in Australia.

Ranging from two kilogram rice offers, all the way up to five kilos, and including our popular paella packs which include saffron and paprika, Saffrondust has got you covered when it comes to sourcing the best quality ingredients for your paella.

All you need to worry about is the fresh ingredients and the stock (and we always recommend a home made stock), and you can be confident that your paella will be an authentic delight to your guests.

Browse our range of top quality paella rice, authentically sourced from the best regions of Spain, to bring real Spanish taste to your table.

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