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​Can you substitute wine or balsamic vinegar for grape vinegar ?

Can you substitute wine or balsamic vinegar for grape vinegar ?Many recipes call for grape vinegar, but a good grape vinegar can be very hard to find, so can you substitute another vinegar for example wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar for grape vinegar ?To answer this question bluntly, yes, in most cases you can, it will provide the [...]

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What is the best paella recipe

Saffrondust's favourite paella recipeA good friend of ours is getting married this weekend, his family has travelled to Australia from overseas, and are staying together in a beautiful big house in Sydney.  A big paella party is being planned, and we were asked to share a paella recipe to cook for everyone. With family from Eastern [...]

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How do I make my own curry powder from raw spices ?

How do I make a curry powder from whole spices ?Curry powder is a Western term not used in India. Spices in India are mixed together depending on the dish being cooked. So there is no one definitive recipe for curry powder, instead, it is a technique for blending certain types of spices together to prepare [...]

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How do I make my own panch phora spice mix ?

How do I make a panch phora spice mix ?Translated from Hindustani, panch phora means “five seeds”. Also known as Bengali Five Spices, A panch phora spice blend is literally that, 5 whole seed spices blended equally together in a typical mix of brown mustard seeds, nigella seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, and fennel seeds.In traditional Bengali cooking, the [...]

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How do I make a chermoula spice paste ?

How do I make a chermoula spice paste ?A classic north African spice paste, chermoula is used as both a condiment and a marinade. Regional and family blends of the different spices vary greatly, but the core ingredients of coriander, parsley leaves, onions, garlic, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper and salt are very typical to most chermoula recipes.Chermoula is [...]

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How do I make my own Cajun spice mix ?

Make your own Cajun spice mix with our easy recipe !Cajun spice originated in the 1700’s resulting from the exchange of French and Creole cultures and cooking techniques in Louisiana.Cajun spice is a classic spice mix used in traditional jambalaya and gumbo, as well as making a beautiful seasoning for fish, chicken, or red meats.An authentic Cajun spice [...]

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How to use celery seed

How to use celery seedCelery seed is a whole spice derived from the seed of a wild strain of the celery plant. Celery seeds are oblong shaped about 1.5-2mm long, and are generally sold whole dried or ground. The ground celery seed imparts a stronger flavour than the whole spice but like all ground spices the flavour [...]

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How to care for a carbon steel paella pan

A carbon steel paella pan is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. These traditional cooking pans are made of thin steel which immediately transfers heat from the stove through to the ingredients and are a must have for any paella cook. The downside of a carbon steel pan is that the untreated steel can rust if it is not [...]

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The 1st International Paella Championships, Manly, Australia 25th May 2014

Get your tastebuds ready for the 1 st International Paella Competition on Sunday 25th May 2014 10am to 4pm at Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia ! 12 chefs from across Australia and New Zealand will compete for the coveted title of “Best Paella Chef in Oceania”, and the 3 best chefs in the competition will travel to Spain to compete in the [...]

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List of Australian Paella Party Caterers

We've been asked many times by our customers and visitors, who we recommend to host a paella party in Australia.  If you are thinking of hosting a paella party, don't forget to read our article about hosting your own paella party, but if you are keen to use an outside company for your function, we have [...]

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