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Saffron and Age Related Macular Degeneration

On Saturday 2nd February 2013 ABC Radio National broadcast "Saffron - pricey spice and vision restorer" on its popular Firstbite program.  Audio can be found here on the ABC website.  We have summarised the interview below with Professor Stone, but recommend if you are interested in the subject to listen to the complete broadcast. The episode discusses [...]

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Paella Pan Review and Recipe

Paella Pan Review and RecipeWe road tested the Antonio Sotos Paella Kit with 34cm Paella Pan in our kitchen with some tasty results !You can read our recipe down below, as well as the cost of ingredients.  Paella is such a wonderful dish, not only is it super tasty and nutritious, but you can easily [...]

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Saffron Price and Quality Comparison across Retailers

 Saffron Price and Quality Comparison across Retailers If you are buying saffron it is very important to know that you are getting value for money.  Saffron is expensive, and it is easy to pay too much. We have prepared a saffron comparison table below comparing our saffron price to some other saffron brands commonly available.   Our criteria [...]

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A guide to saffron grading

A guide to saffron grading   We are often asked questions about saffron grading, and this article is intended to give an overview of saffron grading and the difference between saffron grades. Technically, saffron grading is governed by ISO 3632 which prescribes 4 grades based on several elements but significantly upon the measurement of spectroscopic absorbance of chemicals [...]

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Medicinal Saffron - University of Sydney trials

Medicinal Saffron for Eyesight Repair When you buy saffron you are normally buying it for its beautiful golden colour or its unique saffron taste. In fact, saffron has been used as a medicine for a very long time, and in many cultures is considered primarily a medicine, and secondarily a food. The University of Sydney in Australia [...]

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How to make a saffron infused alioli

Saffron Alioli Recipe Alioli is a mediterranean recipe, translated from Spanish ali means garlic and oli means oil, so literally translated the original recipe is a garlic and oil sauce. The original recipe is very hard to make mainly due to the time involved in getting the oil to the right texture without an emulsifier.Our method first makes a mayonnaise [...]

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The top 10 uses for saffron in history

Top 10 uses for saffron in history   1.  Bathing in saffron It is said that Cleopatra would take a saffron infused bath as an aphrodisiac before liaising with her gentlemen friends; whilst Alexander the Great would take a saffron bath to heal battle wounds.   2.  Saffron as pigment Buddhist monks would use saffron to dye their saffron robes, the [...]

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