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Cast Iron Reversible Griddle 24cm x 44cm

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  • Guison Cast Iron Griddle
  • Guison Cast Iron Griddle
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 Product Description

  • Made in Spain
  • Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle
  • Flat on One Side, Ribbed on the other
  • Free shipping Australia Wide


Searing hot grill surface on any gas or open flame

Direct from Spain the Guison reversible rectangular griddle will transform your gas hob or open fire into a sizzling hot grill surface, that you can serve straight onto the table just like in the restaurant.

Cast Iron kitchenware has been used since the 5th century, and for good reason !  A quality cast iron piece will last not just a lifetime, but several lifetimes if seasoned and cared for properly.

You might have seen your Nanna cooking on a treasured cast iron skillet or pot that belonged to her Nanna.   In fact a proper cast iron utensil once properly seasoned will be naturally non-stick, won't rust, and is virtually indestructible; and a not to mention useful and beautiful addition to your kitchen.

The heavy iron composition heats up slowly giving an even cooking temperature across the surface.  The heat retained in the griddle won't let it cool down when you put the meat on, giving you that proper enduring sizzle that you just don't get on a thin metal frypan. 


The reversible surface means you can cook on a flat grill for fish, or, a ribbed grill for steak depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

Just like in the restaurant you can serve sizzling steak right off the griddle in front of your guests.



What is seasoning, and why do I need to season a cast iron utensil ?

A non enamelled cast iron cooking utensil has a coating applied during production to protect the surface during shipping.  This coating comes off with hot water and a scrub, which leaves the utensil with a bare iron surface.

The bare iron surface is firstly prone to rust, and secondly will not provide a non stick cooking surface.

Seasoning the cast iron utensil will provide a rust proof and extremely non stick surface to the utensil, making it a very long lasting and useful implement in the kitchen.


How do I season a cast iron cooking utensil

Seasoning a cast iron surface is very easy, but takes a little bit of time to give it a perfect coating.

Firstly clean the utensil with hot soapy water to remove the factory coating on the surface of the iron.  Completely rinse to remove the soap.  Preheat the oven to around 120 degrees celcius and put the utensil in the oven for 10 mins or so, and take it out to cool down.  The reason for this is to give an absolutely dry surface before applying oil.

Preheat your oven now to maximum temperature around 250 degrees celcius.  Now take a cooking oil, any oil will be OK but preferably one with not a strong taste eg. canola, flaxseed, or rice bran oil.  With a paper towel rub oil all over the cast iron surface making sure you get into every little area, and to impregnate the porous iron surface with oil.

Put the cast iron utensil into the oven for about an hour.  You are wanting the oil to blacken and burn off.  Turn the oven off and let it cool with the now blackened cast iron utensil inside.

After the first seasoning the cast iron utensil will be rust proof.  You can repeat this process for a better quality seasoning, otherwise, just use the utensil and the frequent use will also act to further season the iron.  The iron surface will also have a natural and very effective non stick coating.

When cleaning, avoid detergents or soaps that will remove the oil and compromise the seasoning.  Never put in the dishwasher as the corrosive dishwashing chemicals will erode the seasoning, making your utensil susceptible to rust and removing the non stick surface.

If ever the utensil loses its seasoning,  you can remove any rust with steel wool and repeat the process it will be as good as new.




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