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Large Paella Kit - 2kg Rice, 2 Paprika, 3g Saffron, 500ml EVOO and 42cm Garcima Pan

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  • Large paella kit including 42cm paella pan, 2 kilograms Calasparra rice, 2 types of paprika, extra virgin olive oil and saffron
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 Product Description

  • 1 x 42cm Garcima carbon steel paella pan (feeds 8-10)
  • 2kg Calasparra imported Spanish short grain paella rice
  • 2 x 70g Tins Las Hermanas spanish paprika - 1 smoked sweet and 1 hot
  • 3 grams Novin quality Persian saffron
  • 500ml OL Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Deluxe Paella Pack with 42cm Garcima Carbon Steel Pan

The star of this offer is the 42cm Garcima carbon steel paella pan with the signature red handles that characterise the Garcima brand.  The pan is strong and durable, yet thin and dimpled to conduct heat straight through to your rice.  The base is slightly convex as all authentic paella pans are.  This makes it suitable for gas hobs, oven, and open fire but not so suitable for flat electric or induction stovetops.  The 42cm pan is suitable for 8-10 servings.

In addition the pack contains all the 'hard to find good quality' ingredients you need to start cooking paella.  All ingredients are imported and represent the highest quality authentic brands.  You just need to add the fresh ingredients.


Paella Rice :

Two x 1kg cloth bag of Calasparra Paella rice is included in this Paella Kit offer, totaling 2 kilograms of Calasparra paella rice.  

For centuries the Calasparra region of Spain has been famous for cultivation of high absorbtion short grain rice varieties.  Irrigated with pure mountain water fed from aqueducts first built by the Romans, Calasparra rice has a long maturation resulting in a dehydrated grain with superior absorbtion properties.  

This short grain rice of Calasparra is produced by the Cooperativa del Campo in Spain, 

Paella rice is different to the normal rice you buy in Woolworths or Coles.  It is a short grain rice which means it absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in liquid when cooking.  Short grain rice has less of a rice flavour compared to long grain rice (eg Basmati), but instead absorbs all the wonderful flavours from the recipe when cooking, making it the perfect rice for cooking paella.  Use 80-100g of rice for each paella serve.

Read out article about choosing the right rice to cook paella.


Paprika :

This offer includes 2 x 70g tins of Las Hermanas Spanish paprika imported directly from the Las Hermanas company in Spain.   1 tins of smoked sweet paprika, and one tin of hot paprika are included in this pack, but if you would like a different combination of smoked sweet, hot, or even our bittersweet paprika leave us a note in checkout.

Spanish paprika, otherwise known as pimenton, is made from spicy capsicums roasted over a wood fire.  Sweet paprika, or dulce, is made from mild capsicums, and smoked paprika, or ahumado, is made from mild capsicums with extra smokiness.  

Paprika is the 4th most consumed spice in the world, and when it comes to buying paprika you should only ever consider authentic Spanish or Hungarian paprika.  Spanish paprika is dried over a wood fire, whereas Hungarian paprika is sun dried.  Hungarian paprika whilst still delicious, lacks the zest and woodiness of its Spanish cousins. 

Read our article about the different types of paprika.


Saffron :

This offer includes 3 x 1g packs of Novin quality Persian saffron.  

The Novin brand is one of the premiere saffron brands in Iran, producer of over 90% of the world's saffron, and the grade on this product is A1+ which is grade 1 by ISO 3632.

Novin saffron delivers an aroma, colour, and potency more intense than we have seen in any supermarket saffron in Australia.  Once you inhale the fresh aroma of this saffron we are confident you will agree.

The saffron is grade 1 under ISO 3632 (the international standard for saffron quality) and contains 100% dried red stigmas from the crocus sativus flower.


500ml OL Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the south of Córdoba, in the Natural Park of the Subbetica Mountains.


The rainy weather, fluctuations in temperature, limy soil and the high altitude, provide the oil with unique taste, aroma, and visual features, which are distinctive to the area.


The blend of fruits harvested from different olive tree varieties (picudo, picual and white leaf) gives OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil its special flavor.


OL Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of simple mechanical procedures, a true extra virgin olive oil which is harvested off the tree not the ground, and then pressed using simple pressure.  Unlike the supermarket brands no chemical processes are used in the production of the olive oil.




Short grained rice, saffron, and paprika are 3 essential ingredients when cooking paella, and they are typically the most difficult and most expensive ingredients to find and buy quality.  

This paella kit takes all the hard work out of finding ingredients - you just add fresh meat and vegetables.  All ingredients are top quality imported brands which have not been repackaged in any way.

Place your order today and we will despatch within 24 hours, and you will soon be cooking up a delicious paella for your friends and family. 


Note : The paella kits are free shipping Australia only and do not ship to overseas addresses.


For more information click on the links below :




Garcima Carbon Steel Paella Pan Care Instructions :

Before Using
To remove the label, heat the pan slightly. It will easily peal off. To properly cure your new pan, bring water to a boil in the pan. Follow this by washing the pan in warm water and mild soap. Immediately dry the pan with a soft cloth. Never allow the pan to air dry. Your pan is now ready for use. Next, rub a small amount of cooking oil on the inside surface of the pan. You are ready to cook. For storage of your pan, after cleaning, rub both the inside and outside of the pan with cooking oil and wrap in paper and store in a plastic bag. Store your pan in a dry place.

Care during use 
This product has been designed for use with gas or direct flame. Never place an empty pan on direct heat. Heat your pan slowly and control the heat at all times. If you use your pan in the oven, do not allow it to be exposed to temperatures higher than 250º C or for more than 10 minutes. Never use in microwave ovens. Use only metal or wooden utensils and never plastic. Please note that these types of metal pans reach higher temperatures than normal pans. While is use the entire pan is hot. The pan is intended for use by adults only. Keep the pan away from children at all times.

Care Instructions
Please note that this product is not covered with non stick materials and therefore, food may stick. To clean the pan after use, we recommend soaking the pan in warm water and mild dishwashing soap for one hour, this will loosen any stuck food matter. The pan should be thoroughly cleaned in warm water and mild soap. A scrubbing pad may be used if necessary. Once cleaned, dry the pan immediately with a soft cloth. Never allow the pan to air dry only. Once it is dry it should be rubbed with cooking oil and wrapped in paper. It should be stored in a dry place.

If the pan does oxidise it can be cleaned and brought back to shine with steel wool.

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Cómo conservar una paellera
  • Cómo conservar una paellera

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