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Our saffron TV channel is a collection of the best of the best saffron inspired video content the web has to offer !

The Today Tonight "Saffron and Macular Degeneration" special is a great watch, and it is very exciting to see mainstream news outlet reporting on the use of saffron as an alternate medicine :

Next in our collection is part 3 of 3 of BBC series 'The Spice Trail' - Saffron and Vanilla :


A great video here about how saffron is providing an alternative to opium for Afghan farmers :


On Series 5 on the SBS Food Lovers' Guide to Australia reporter Maeve O'Meara spoke to some Australian saffron farmers about the process of growing saffron :


Here is a video showing saffron harvesting and processing in Iran :


A video about organic saffron farming in Italy - excellent commentary on how saffron is grown :

The history of saffron cultivation in Iran :



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