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Where can I buy Saffron Tea in Australia ?

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Buy Saffron Tea Online from Australia's Saffron Specialist

Authentic Saffron Tea has a range of benefits to the Australian tea drinker.  Not just its subtle and delicious flavour, but a range of health benefits have been attributed to the consumption of saffron, and one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to take saffron is in tea.

You can make your own saffron tea by powdering and adding saffron to hot water, and mixing it with your favourite tea - or just drinking it by itself.

Many customers prefer the ease and convenience of buying saffron tea in pre-packaged tea bags.

Historically, it has been difficult to import saffron tea bags from overseas, as the major global producer of saffron, the country of Iran, had banned the export of saffron tea bags.  

This left Australians with little choice but to buy saffron tea bags from local blenders, who would make the saffron tea blends for sale to the local market.  Whilst the local blenders I am sure do a great job, it has meant that Australians have not been able to access authentic saffron tea manufactured and blended in the country of origin.

Fortunately the export regulations have changed, and we are now able to import authentic saffron tea from our trading partners in Iran, and offer authentic Persian blended saffron tea to our Australian customers.

Our range of saffron tea blends is based on thousands of years of saffron tea consumption in the historic cultural capital of ancient Persia, or modern day Iran.

Saffron tea blends come in the following varieties :

Also available in a discounted 3 pack for you to try a variety of authentic Persian blend saffron teas - 

With free shipping Australia Wide there has never been a better time for Australian tea drinkers to sample authentic saffron tea blends, and enjoy the delicious flavour and health benefits that saffron has to offer.



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