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Buying Bulk Saffron in Australia. Our Wholesale Saffron Price per Kilogram.

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Commercial Users of Saffron have different needs :

There are countless uses for the precious saffron spice.  Whilst many people enjoy a glass of saffron tea, or cooking a paella with real saffron, and are happy to buy a retail quantity of saffron; there are a lot of saffron users whose needs far exceed those of the domestic consumer.

We understand that wholesale buyers of saffron have different needs.  Availability, reliability, and service to suit your business.

If you are using saffron in a commercial capacity, and need a reliable wholesale saffron supplier in Australia we are keen to talk.

Wholesale Saffron Pricing :

We are proud to offer competitive wholesale saffron prices to our Australian and international customers, for quantities anywhere from half a kilogram of saffron, to a kilogram of saffron, or even more.

Our standard sizing for wholesale orders is the 50 Gram Metal tin For example, 1 kilogram of saffron = 20 x 50 Gram Metal tins.  Image of the metal tin is posted at the foot of this article.

The price of saffron varies considerably depending on a range of factors including currency, demand, supply, and even politics.  Since the best quality saffron in the world is sourced from Iran, the commercial sourcing of this precious spice is largely built on relationships and networks, and trust that takes years to nurture.

Saffrondust has been active in the Australian saffron market since 2012, and in that time we have built trust and a solid reputation with our excellent suppliers at Novin saffron, as well as many commercial and wholesale customers locally and abroad.

Novin saffron is a brand synonymous with quality, and we source only the highest "All Red" grade of saffron with the lowest yellow thread count.  

Saffron Pricing per Kilogram :

Our saffron kilo prices vary from month to month but we are pleased to offer base pricing as at April 2021 is follows :

500 Grams :  $2,250 

1000 Grams : $4,250

> 1000 Grams  : Contact us for price and availability

Saffron is in stock, and can be despatched quickly for express (overnight to major centres) delivery anywhere in Australia.

Contact us on [email protected] to take the next step.

Check out our 50 Gram wholesale saffron Mega Value Tin - perfect for wholesale saffron users :



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