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Can I cook with my paella gas burner at the beach or park in Australia ?

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There is absolutely nothing better than getting family and friends together at the local beach or park, and firing up the paella burner to cook up a storm.

So what are the rules in Australia about taking your paella gas burner to the beach or the local park.

Well, generally the answer is yes you can use a paella gas burner in a public place, but there are two main places to check first before using your burner in a public park :

1. Your local council to check the local regulations, and

2. The Fire Brigade to check whether there is a total fire ban, and what are the conditions surrounding the ban if it is in place

So, for example, one of my favourite beaches in Sydney to have a barbecue is Balmoral Beach.  Balmoral is a harbour beach in Sydney, so it does not have waves like an ocean beach.  It is not much good for surfing but it is absolutely amazing for families with children because it is so protected and safe.

Balmoral Beach, Sydney

Balmoral Beach has a beautiful grass area that is perfect for gathering friends and family together and enjoying good times.  

We had better check with Mosman council whether we can bring our burner to the beach to cook a paella feast for our friends.

The council website (  says :

Fires are prohibited in Mosman’s parks and reserves.

Mosman Council does not install BBQs on any reserves – you are permitted to bring your own as long as the BBQ is gas only and above the ground. There should be no naked flames/spit roasts etc that require coals.

If there is a total fire ban in force then no BBQs are permitted at all.

You can check if a Total Fire Ban applies by:

- checking the RFS or BOM websites at NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) or Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

- Ringing the Mosman Fire Station

Great, so we can use a paella gas burner down at Balmoral beach as long as there is not a total fire ban in force.  The council gives a couple of options for checking whether a total fire ban is in force.  

We can click on the NSW Rural Fire Service link and look at their home page, and click on the link to check for total fire bans :

There is a handy map to show us the fire status for the whole of NSW.  When I looked today there are no total fire bans, in fact the whole Eastern Coastline is green suggesting Low-Moderate fire danger.

Now that we have checked with the council and we have checked for total fire bans, we can be confident that we can take our paella burner down to the beach and put on a beach party for our family and friends.

I would suggest getting down there early in the day to get a good spot, and even better still if you can get a free parking in the surrounding streets, as it can be expensive and the rangers are always about.  

Worst comes to worst you can draw straws and get one person to drop you off by the beach and then they can go and park the car further away and then come and meet you.



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