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Tartana Bomba Rice : Official Rice of the International Paella Competition

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With the 4th annual Pacific Semi Final of the International Paella competition due to take place in Tasmania on the 21st and 22nd of April, 2018; it is a great time to announce that Tartana brand of Bomba Paella Rice is the official sponsor and rice supplier to the competition.

Read the announcement :  Tartana will be the official rice of the International Semi Finals of Sueca's Paella Contest

Sueca, located close to Valencia in Spain is the heart of paella country, and the Sueca International Paella competition is the premiere global competition where the best paella chefs in the world battle it out for the prized championship title !


We are proud at Saffrondust to be supplying Tartana quality bomba rice to our customers across Australia.

Available from our online store with Free Shipping Australia wide you can be cooking paella just like the World Champions with our range of quality paella ingredients.

Browse our store for paella inspiration !

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