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​Where can I buy paella equipment for catering in Australia ?

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Where can I buy paella equipment for catering in Australia ?

In Australia the specialised equipment designed for paella catering is not generally available at your local barbecue store or kitchenware supplier, but rather through niche distributors who know the equipment and understand the needs of commercial users.

For commercial paella catering you are looking for equipment that is quality manufactured and durable, that meets all of the AGA certification requirements, and is big enough to provide the service capacity you need for your function or market.

The Garcima company, based in Valencia, Spain, has been manufacturing paella cooking systems for over 80 years. The Spanish take their paella very seriously, and the quality of Garcima paella cooking systems is unmatched.

Features :

With solid steel construction, durable paint and enamel finishes, and engineered gas flow systems, a Garcima paella cooking system is an investment that will provide years of reliable service even with frequent use.

The dual ring and triple ring gas burners are designed to give a broad even heat distribution across the base of the pan.

Each ring is independently controlled allowing the chef maximum flexibility of the cooking surface, delivering heat when you need it for the meat and vegetables, broad coverage for a perfectly cooked rice, and a blast at the end for the characteristic popping of the rice and an authentic soccarat.

The carbon steel pan itself is dimpled to create a variation in the heat distribution, leading to a texturing in the rice where each grain cooks slightly differently to its neighbour, resulting in an authentic paella experience for your customers.

At Saffrondust we deal exclusively in Garcima brand paella cooking and catering equipment. Our experience is that when we deal exclusively in the number one brand our customers are consistently satisfied, and we never have any issues with after sale service.

In fact, the only time we have had an issue with the equipment was when there was a leg missing from one of the boxes ! Our customer was understandably disappointed when opening the box, and contacted us, and we express posted a replacement leg straightaway.

AGA Certification :

The most important element of any gas system in Australia is the AGA certification.

Without the AGA certification an operator is exposed to the risk of being shut down by the gas inspector or council ranger, with potentially disastrous consequences for the business.

There are many instances where a paella operator at a market (using inferior brand uncertified equipment) has been inspected and forced to shut down the stall in the middle of the market. Not only is it a distressing experience, but financially you lose the day’s profit and the equipment is a write off.

At Saffrondust we have been able to help many customers in this unfortunate situation. The most recent time was about 2 weeks ago. The customer contacted us on the Tuesday for advice on the AGA certification. By Wednesday the equipment was on an overnight courier, and Thursday it was received by the customer.

That same weekend it was being used in a market on the Saturday and a festival on the Sunday, and we were delighted to have helped another customer through a challenging time.

Garcima paella burner displaying the AGA approval sticker

Burner Range :

In Australia, the range of Garcima paella equipment is limited by the AGA certification. The AGA certification process is a detailed and thorough exercise, so not all of the Garcima range has been submitted to the thorough process of AGA testing and certification.

Prior to June 2016, the burners certified for use in Australia are the 200mm, 400mm and the 600mm Garcima burners.

In June 2016, the Garcima 300mm, 500mm, and 700mm burners were certified by the AGA for use in Australia, completing the range of LPG burners up to 700mm. Burners larger than 700mm of any brand have not been certified for use in Australia.

Only the LPG burners have been certified, so natural gas burners are currently not AGA certified for use in Australia.

Paella burners of any brand with integrated flame failure devices are currently not certified by the AGA for use in Australia. Customers who require this feature will need to purchase a paella burner, and have the flame failure device fitted and certified aftermarket by a licensed gas engineer.

The certified burner range covers all paella pan sizes up to 90cm. As at June 2016 the 700mm Garcima triple ring paella burner with the 90cm carbon steel paella pan is the largest combination of burner and pan that is AGA certified for use in Australia.

At Saffrondust we carry the largest range online of Garcima paella burners, and all of our burners are AGA certified, carrying the AGA certification sticker affixed.

Paella Pan Range :

In terms of paella pan sizes, Saffrondust prides itself on carrying the full range of  Garcima brand carbon steel paella pans from 20cm up to 90cm. No other distributor has made this level of investment in holding local inventory.

Carbon steel is the better choice over enamelled for commercial paella catering.

Whilst enamelled pans suit the home cook due to ease of cleaning, once you get into the large size pans the enamelled finish becomes more of a drawback. The enamel itself results in a thicker pan compared to carbon steel, compromising heat transfer from the burner to the paella. Similarly, the intricate dimpling which is a feature of a carbon steel pan is largely lost when the enamel coating is applied.

Enamel is also prone to chipping, and in the bustle of a busy catering operation, especially one involving travel to and from a location, the pan needs to be robust and durable enough to survive being banged around without compromising performance.

Once the enamel chips, the steel underneath is exposed, and rust will set in. It is far better to use a carbon steel pan, and oil it after use and for storage to prevent rusting, rather than check and treat your enamelled pan for chips every time you use it.

In terms of yield, Garcima publishes a useful size chart listing the range of paella pans and the recommended number of serves yielded from each size pan. The size chart is shown below, our experience is that the number of serves is quite an accurate indicator of the yield from each pan size.

The chef can control the number of serves by controlling the raw ingredient quantity. More rice and ingredients results in a thicker paella and more serves, less rice and ingredients results in thinner paella and fewer serves.

Garcima paella pan size chart

Paella Rice

Our article ‘What is the best rice to use in paella’ covers in detail what make a paella rice special, and why a paella should only be cooked with a short grain paella rice.

In this article we will focus on catering yield and cost.

Using the size chart above, determine the target quantity of serves for your paella. For example if you are using the 90cm Garcima carbon steel pan, you will be targeting around 50 serves from each cook.

If you are using a short grain rice such as our authentic Calasparra paella rice, the rule of thumb is 100g of rice per serve. So for a 90cm pan we will use 5 kilograms of rice.

If you are cooking with an authentic bomba rice, you can expect a better yield from your rice due to the superior absorbtion properties of the rice. The rule of thumb for bomba rice is 80g of rice per serve, so for a 90cm pan targeting 50 serves we would use 4 kilograms of rice.

So there is a trade off between the cost premium of a bomba rice and the increased yield from using a quality Spanish bomba rice. Bomba rice would normally sell for about a 40% - 60% premium over a traditional short grain rice.

For many chefs the choice of rice presents a tradeoff between cost and the superior paella experience that the higher absorbtion and cooking properties that an authentic bomba rice will deliver.

As an example, if you are buying rice in bulk, assume you are paying around $5 per kilo for standard Spanish short grain rice, and around $8 per kilo for Spanish bomba rice. 5 kilograms of standard Spanish short grain rice would cost $25 per cook in a 90cm pan, whereas 4 kilograms of bomba rice would cost $32 per cook in a 90cm pan.

Across 50 serves, the extra $7 cost from using a bomba rice would cost 14 cents per serve. If your customer will pay an extra 50c per serve for bomba rice then you can cover the cost of the superior rice as well as make a premium of 36 cents per serve, or $18 per cook.

Of course you will need to work the numbers yourself based on your own costs, but the example is really just to illustrate that cooking with the highest quality bomba paella rice does not need to be viewed as a cost, but an opportunity to create additional value for your customers and deliver a truly authentic paella experience.

Browse our range of paella rice.  For the buyer who doesn't need a pallet quantity, our 20 kilogram catering packs are a popular choice.  As with all of our online offers, shipping is free Australia wide.

Contact us :

Saffrondust is the premiere online distributor of Garcima paella cooking systems in Australia.  We stock a huge range of Garcima brand paella burners, Garcima carbon steel paella pans, and paella accesories; as well as all your key cooking ingredients like rice, saffron, and paprika.

ABN holders and business buyers please contact us with any questions or for a custom quotation.  We endeavor to respond to all email enquiries in 24 hours.


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