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Can I cook paella on an induction stove or cooktop ?

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A traditional paella pan has a convex base, which is great for cooking over a gas hob, paella burner, or open fire - but not good at all for a glass or ceramic induction cooktop which is flat.

Garcima has come up with a solution, and the solution is the Garcima induction paella pan, specially engineered with a flat bottom in order to cook over a glass or ceramic induction cook top.

The paella pan is enamel coated which means you get all the ease of an enamel pan (easy to clean, and does not rust so no need to oil) with the added feature of a flat bottom so that it sits perfectly across a flat glass or ceramic induction cooktop.

At 38cm diameter, it will fit on most domestic cook tops, and means that you will be able to cook paella easily in your own induction kitchen without having to buy a separate paella gas burner in order to cook a paella.

The enamel is durable but if it does happen to chip, the best thing is a touch of black gloss enamel paint from Bunnings which will bring the enamel surface back to new in no time.

Available in our online store with Free Shipping Australia Wide, the Garcima induction paella pan will be a unique and valuable addition to your kitchen !

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