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The 2015/16 Saffron Harvest Update

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The 2014/15 saffron harvest was a challenging time for the farmers in Iran.  An unexpected cold snap in early November 2014, just as the crocus flowers were starting to bloom, froze many of the bulbs in the ground.

Much of the harvest was lost, with yields were well down on expectations as a result of the inclement weather.

During the course of 2015 we saw the price for saffron escalate as the shortage took its effect on the market.  Anticipating further price rises, producers held back what stock they had from the market, further adding to the supply squeeze.

By about September prices had risen to a level where we at Saffrondust, had to make a difficult decision.  We could buy the old stock at the expensive price and be forced to increase our prices, or we could hold out for the new harvest to come onto the market in November but risk running out of stock in the meantime.  

We took the decision to hold off buying and wait for the new harvest.  

During October we started to run out of some of our key stock lines, notably the popular 8 gram traditionally painted tins and the 20 gram value tins, and we had to mark them out of stock on the website.

Keeping in close contact with the saffron buyers at Novin Saffron, we were relieved as the 2015 harvest started to come onto the market in early November, and by all accounts was looking to be a good harvest.

There is always the risk of a turn in the weather, so we placed our order quickly to take advantage of the changing market situation.  

With the heartbreak of 2015 still fresh in everyone's mind, pricing was still cautious, with always a risk of a turn in the weather.  

Prices eased enough with the new supply to release latent demand that had been pent up through the late part of the year.

The saffron market in Masshad was once again bustling, and the Novin factory was running overtime to keep up with the demand coming through in response to the harvest.

Fortunately, with our contacts, we were able to expedite our order through production, and organise priority airfreight to Saffrondust headquarters in Sydney.

We are proud to be first to market in Australia with the fruit of the 2015/16 Persian saffron harvest, packed and sealed at the source to guarantee quality.  This year we have added the 12 gram Novin Saffron tin to our range, which provides an excellent value point between the 8 gram and the 20 gram pack sizes.

Saffrondust has the largest range in Australia of Persian saffron, with a pack size to suit every budget and use.  If you use saffron for cooking, as a dietary supplement, or for a unique gift, we will have an offer to suit your saffron need.

Browse our range of fine Persian saffron for the pack size that suits you, and remember, at Saffrondust shipping is always fast and free.

Image : Crocus Sativus (Saffron) Fields in Iran in Full Bloom

Crocus flowers in full bloom



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