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Why Buy Saffron Tablets for $40 when you can buy real saffron for less ?

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There has been a great interest in the health benefits of saffron, and many saffron supplements available on the market for Australian consumers.

I noticed an advertisement for saffron extract tablets, and was interested to have a closer look.

The Saffron tablets look like they are made from 100% saffron, with the box suggesting that each Saffron tablet contains the equivalent of 45mg of dry crocus sativas stigma.

Dry crocus sativas stigma is quite simply pure saffron in its raw form.  Crocus sativas is the botanical name for the saffron flower, and saffron itself consists of the scarlet red stigma picked by hand and then dried in the sun until it is brittle and contains no moisture.

The Saffron tablets certainly look like an excellent saffron supplement, and will appeal to those customers who prefer to take a tablet than to consume saffron in its raw form.

For those customers who are comfortable to take saffron in its raw form, either powdered, or in a saffron tea, or simply ingesting the threads themselves - the savings can be quite significant.

Each box of Saffron tablets contains 60 tablets equivalent of 45mg of raw saffron per tablet.  In total that makes 2700mg, or 2.7 grams.

A box of Saffron tablets is retailing for around $50, compared to our 3 grams of saffron offer for only $25 including delivery.

You will save over half the cost of the tablets if you take saffron in its raw form.  45mg of saffron is equal to a good pinch of saffron threads.

The concept of taking saffron supplement for its health benefits is a good one, and we are sure that Saffron tablets are a great supplement to take for those who prefer to take tablets. 

For those customers who prefer to consume saffron in its raw form to take advantage of the health benefits, we would invite you to buy saffron from our exclusive range of quality raw saffron products.



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