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Buy the Guison range of Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware

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Where can I buy the Guison range of Authentic Spanish Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware

Guison is an authentic Spanish brand of enamelled cast iron cookware, designed and manufactured in Spain, for all sorts of Mediterranean cooking.

Cast iron cookware has unique features that lend themselves to all sorts of stews, casseroles, and slow cooking.  Cast iron heats and cools slowly, so cast iron cookware is great for cooking over an open fire where it tempers the heat variation and provides an even temperature to the food.

On an electric or gas cooktop, it allows recipes to slowly stew and release the flavours over time into the dish.  With a lid, the moisture loss is minimised, so the recipe does not reduce, and instead the moisture is retained to slowly cook and form a flavoursome broth.

Since cast iron will rust when exposed to air and moisture, cast iron cookware is enamelled in order to create a layer between the iron and the environment, preventing oxygen from coming into contact with the iron, and thus preventing rust from forming in the dish.

The Guison range of cast iron cookware is enamelled inside and out with either a gloss or matt enamel, providing a beautiful yet functional kitchen piece, that will perform for years without material degradation.

The slow cooling property of cast iron means that the dish stays hot for a long time after being removed from heat.  For stews, sauces, and casseroles you can serve directly from the table, and the food will stay warm and not need to be reheated when your guests are ready for second serve.

There are many great brands of cast iron cookware.  For example the French brand Le Creuset is world renowned for quality, durability, and beauty as well as providing all the benefit of cast iron cooking.  

Guison appeals to those who desire the Le Creuset performance and quality - but without the sameness that comes from buying a mass market brand.  Guison is an artisan designed and made Spanish brand, with each piece being hand finished so that no two products are exactly the same.  

The uniqueness of Guison, coupled with its form and quality, make it a brand that appeals to the chef who wants that something different.

The pot belly design of the saucepan range is unique, not only making a great and thoughtful gift, but you will be hard pressed to give it away once you imagine it at the centre of your own table.

View the range of Guison Enamelled Cast Iron cookware in our online showroom, where you can buy authentic Spanish quality with Free Shipping Australia Wide from our Sydney warehouse.



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