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Don't hire a paella gas burner until you read this ..

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Planning to hire a paella burner for your paella party ?  

Read our checklist of common traps and costs before making a decision.

A paella party is such a great experience to share with your family and friends.  Cooking a paella outside with a big group of mates, talking and having fun, and then presenting your paella masterpiece to the admiration of your family and friends is a feeling that can't be beat.

One way to do this is to hire a paella burner.  In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and all over Australia, there are plenty of companies that will hire you a paella burner and pan for your paella party.  

We have put together a checklist of things to look out for when hiring a paella burner for your paella party.

1. AGA Certification

First, make sure your paella burner is AGA certified.  The AGA certification means that the paella burner you are being hired has been tested and certified by the Australian Gas Authority (AGA).  It will carry the AGA sticker affixed to the paella burner.  A backyard operator hiring a paella burner on Gumtree is less likely to have gone through the checks and balances of an AGA certification, and in fact is committing an offence by hiring an uncertified gas appliance to a member of the public.

Before paying any money, ask the hirer if their paella burners are AGA certified and that they carry the AGA sticker.  

2. Hidden Costs

Beware of hidden costs when hiring a paella burner.  Whilst a company or a backyard operator might offer to hire you a paella burner and pan for $100 a night, they will most likely charge for pickup and delivery.  

Unless they are located close to you and you can pickup and deliver yourself, you will be looking at around $100 - $200  on top of the hire fees for pickup and delivery.  The hirer knows this, and they will most certainly be skimming an extra bit of profit off the pickup and delivery fees.

So the $100 hire charge can quickly become $200 - $300 for the night when pickup and delivery charges are taken into account.

3. Cleaning Costs

Another hidden cost, but one worthy of its own section, is cleaning costs.  Cleaning costs are the costs that are charged if you don't return the paella burner and pan in the same condition that it was hired to you.

The hirer will usually take a deposit on the equipment that they are hiring to you.  One of the conditions of hire will be that the equipment must be returned in the same condition that it was hired to you.

This is a classic trick. 

You will return the equipment only to find out that the hirer is claiming some of your deposit because they say the paella pan is damaged due to rust.  The reality is that a paella pan oxidises with use.  This is called seasoning the pan.  

Certainly you should dry the pan thoroughly after use, and clean it before returning to the hirer, but seasoning is a normal part of using a paella pan.  Unscrupulous hirers and backyard operators will take full advantage of this to eke out another $50-$100 from your deposit to supplement the hire fees.  

As a hiree it is simply not worth taking the hirer to court to challenge the costs and get your money back, and the hirer will take full advantage of this, so watch out !

4. Ingredients

When you hire a paella burner and paella pan, obviously you will need paella rice, paprika, and saffron to cook your paella.

A few reputable operators will offer you the ingredients when you hire their paella burner and paella pan, but by and large the hirers will simply hire you the equipment and then you are on your own.

If your hirer does not offer the ingredients you need to cook paella, then check out our range of  paella packs which include authentic Spanish paella rice, Spanish paprika, and saffron.  All you need to do is buy the fresh ingredients to cook your paella masterpiece.

So, you can see that hiring a paella burner and paella pan is full of hidden costs and traps.

The $100 hire charge can quickly turn into $200 or $300 when you take into account delivery and pickup fees, and make good costs.

Buy your own paella burner set ?

You can  buy your own paella burner and pan for as little as $350 including free shipping, and not have to worry about any of the hassle of hiring.  It will connect straight to your existing Australian LP Gas cylinder no more hardware to buy.

If you use it twice it has paid for itself.

With fast and free shipping from  Saffrondust you could be cooking paella sooner for your family and friends.

Own your own burner you will be cooking paella again and again, as you perfect your signature recipe.  

The biggest risk of owning a burner, is that every time there is a gathering of family and friends, they are all going to suggest your place for the venue !

Check out our range of  paella burners and ingredients, and tell us below about your memorable paella party experience :




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