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How to use celery seed

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How to use celery seed

Picture of celery seed raw

Celery seed is a whole spice derived from the seed of a wild strain of the celery plant. Celery seeds are oblong shaped about 1.5-2mm long, and are generally sold whole dried or ground.

The ground celery seed imparts a stronger flavour than the whole spice but like all ground spices the flavour and aroma does not keep as long in the powdered form.

Celery seed is added to food directly and does not need to be heated to release its flavour and aroma.

What does celery seed taste like ?

Celery seed tastes very much like celery, slightly bitter and much stronger; and only a small amount of celery seed is needed to add the required flavour to a dish.

What types of food is celery seed used in :

Celery seed works well with salt and sour foods and is mixed with salt to make celery salt, a key ingredient in a bloody mary cocktail, as well as a versatile additive in many salads, coleslaws, and sauerkraut. Used in pickling celery seed adds aroma and flavour to salty, sour brines and is perfect for pickled cucumbers.

Celery seed is used in many aromatic spice blends such as the French mirepoix, a mixture of onion, carrot, and celery that forms a fantastic soup base. Celery seed combined with bell peppers and onion is known as the Cajun trinity.

What are the active compounds in celery seed :

Celery seed contains several active compounds including volatile oils; flavonoids, antioxidants; coumarins (chemicals that help thin the blood); and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid (University of Maryland).

Medical uses of celery seed :

Celery seed has been shown to act as a diuretic, helping to increase urination. Other traditional uses include use as a treatment for anxiety, inflammation, and joint pain.



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