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Paella Pan Review and Recipe


Paella Pan Review and Recipe

We road tested the Antonio Sotos Paella Kit with 34cm Paella Pan in our kitchen with some tasty results !

You can read our recipe down below, as well as the cost of ingredients.  Paella is such a wonderful dish, not only is it super tasty and nutritious, but you can easily feed a family of 6 for around $30 !  Bear in mind we did most of the shopping at Woolworths, so if you are smart about your shopping you will be able to buy the ingredients for much less, and even though the rice and seasoning comes with the kit, we have added in the cost of buying them seperately just for a true picture.

34cm Enamelled Carbon Steel Paella Pan

You will love the quality of the 34cm enamelled carbon steel Paella Pan, which is sturdy, hard wearing, and the enamel makes cleaning the pan a breeze.  Best of all it won't rust like unenamelled carbon steel pans.  Size wise you will appreciate the 34cm pan diameter measured from rim to rim.  

34cm is a great size for a family - any smaller and you really lose a lot of surface area making for a much smaller paella; and any larger and you will have trouble on the stovetop giving it an even heat around the edges.

Like a true paella pan the heat transfer through the steel is almost instant, meaning you won't have to wait for the pan to heat up before adding ingredients, and they will start sizzling straightaway.  The only downside is that the handles do get warm so make sure you are wearing a protective glove when handling the hot pan.

To clean the pan, you just need to remove and leftover paella (if there is any!) whilst the pan is warm, and then give the pan a quick rinse and wash with a soft sponge and detergent.  You don't have to oil this pan because it is enamelled and the enamel coating will protect the pan from rust.  

The pan is not recommended for use in the dishwasher because of the abrasiveness of dishwashing powder which will dull the enamel.  If you want to cook paella in the oven or over an open fire go right ahead this pan is safe for both of those uses.

Our Basic Paella Recipe

This paella recipe is so easy, even I look like a masterchef !  For more adventurous paella maestros check out our 'Top Ten Tips for a Perfect Paella' for more advanced tips and recipes !

Paella Recipe and Cost of Ingredients Our Video Recipe - press Play to watch !
Qty to Serve 6  
500g Short Grain Rice (bomba, arborio)  2.85
Tomato Paste (2 tbsp)  0.85
1 Can Crushed Tomato  1.77
2 Spanish Onions (chopped)  0.90
1 Capsicum (chopped)  2.71
3 Cloves Garlic (crushed)  0.45
400g Chicken (in small pieces)  4.80
Pancetta (tear into small pieces)  1.68
1 Chorizo (cubed)   3.30
1 Squid (cut into small pieces)  1.65
6 Green Prawns, Peeled & Shelled  3.76
4 Mussels (cleaned)  1.79
Antonio Sotos Paella Spice Mix with Saffron  3.33
1 litre Chicken Stock  3.11
Total Cost  32.95

Recipe :

1. Heat the paella pan to medium high and brown off the 
     meat in some oil, and remove to a seperate dish.  At
     the same time heat the stock in a saucepan over low
     heat. If using raw saffron and not the spice mix, add 
     saffron threads to the stock now to start infusing. 

2. Add chopped vegetables to the pan and saute until soft.

3. Add crushed tomatoes & tomato paste, stir, and reduce
     to a thick sauce.   

4. Add the meat back in, and cook together for a few 

5. Add rice and spice mix, start adding stock until pan is
     full.  Bring to the boil whilst stirring.  Once boiled, turn
     the heat down to a simmer, and don't stir again. 

6. Keep adding stock as the rice cooks, until almost all 
     stock is consumed.  Add the prawns and mussels
     whilst the rice is cooking. 

7. Finally, when all the liquid is almost absorbed to the
     rice, turn the heat right up and add remaining stock.

8. Cook on high heat for a few minutes to form a crust.  
     Remove from heat before the rice burns.

9. Cover for a few minutes and allow to settle. Serve and
     enjoy !

Antonio Sotos Paella Kits incl 34cm Paella Pan
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Shipping is free to Australian addresses !

Antonio Sotos Paella Kit with 34cm Paella Pan


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