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Paella Party Catering : How to Host My Own Paella Party

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Cater your own paella party

A paella party is a great idea when you are planning a large gathering of friends and family.

From Sydney, to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and everywhere in between a paella party is a great way to enjoy tasty food, good company, and the wonderful Australian weather.

The paella can be cooked outside, and provides a focus for your guests to gather round and socialise whilst the fragrant and colourful paella cooks in the middle.

Your kitchen stays clean, your guests couldn’t be happier, and you will be the star host of your very own paella party !

Cook your own paella

You can have the party professionally catered by a paella party caterer, and I have been to some memorable paella parties that have been wonderfully catered by a paella caterer. Pricing is variable but you are probably looking at about a minimum of $500 for the catering, or around $20-$30 per head for minimum of about 20 people.

The other option is to invest in the paella burner and paella pan yourself, and then all you need to budget is ingredients to host your own paella party as many times as you want. The equipment is less dear than you might think, in fact a high quality  Garcima paella burner with stand will cost less than $300 including delivery anywhere in Australia.

The cost of ingredients will vary depending on what recipe you are cooking, but as a rule of thumb allow 100g of paella rice per person. At around $12 per kg for a  quality paella rice this is around a dollar per guest.  Read more about what makes paella rice special.

Add to this your fresh ingredients, you can go wild or keep it simple depending on your budget and your recipe. Chorizo, chicken, prawns, bacon, beans, capsicum, tomatoes, and garlic are classic ingredients, and if you shop sensibly you can keep these costs under control

Paella spices and a good quality stock are the remaining ingredients. You can buy a packaged paella spice mix, or make your own spice from raw ingredients such as  saffron and paprika. The spices will last a long time, and again if you shop sensibly the cost can be very reasonable.

Buy a good quality stock from your local butcher or deli, or have a look in the supermarket. Again shop around, and if you see a special when doing your weekly shopping, buy it and freeze it or keep it in your cupboard in store for when you are going to use it.

All up you could easily cater your own paella party for less than the cost of hiring outside caterers, and the bonus is that you will have paid for the paella burner and stand, to be used again and again in the future.

Just think of all the spontaneous evenings over at your place you can organise watching the football or swimming in the pool with a large group of friends, and you will never have to think twice about what to cook, or worry about going overboard on budget. You can perfect your signature recipe which will be remembered and enjoyed time and time again.

One warning ! Once your friends know that you have got your own paella burner they will be ringing you up to borrow it so make sure they remember to send you an invitation to their next paella party !

Notes on buying a paella burner :

The size of your paella burner will depend on the size of the largest pan that you wish to cook with. Remember that a paella pan size is measured across the top diameter, which due to the shape is wider than the base. Therefore a rule of thumb is that a 5-10cm overhang is quite OK. So, for example a 400mm paella burner will be suitable to cook up to a 55cm or even 60cm paella pan.

If you buy a Garcima dual gas ring paella burner, then a smaller pan can be easily accommodated by just cooking on the inside gas ring, since each ring is independently controlled.

Read our article on buying the right sized paella pan.

Note : Garcima paella burners from Saffrondust run on Australian propane (BBQ) gas cylinders using an Australian gas regulator, and are for outdoor use only. Paella burners are modified by the manufacturer in Spain for Australian gas fittings and pressure and do not ship international. Shipping is free to any Australian address.

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