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Saffron Price and Quality Comparison across Retailers


 Saffron Price and Quality Comparison across Retailers

If you are buying saffron it is very important to know that you are getting value for money.  Saffron is expensive, and it is easy to pay too much.

We have prepared a saffron comparison table below comparing our saffron price to some other saffron brands commonly available.  

Our criteria for the comparison is as follows :

 - The retailer must be establised and credible (ie. no Ebay sellers), and

 - The price and details must be verified by a URL so that we can provide a link


Our price comparison table is shown below.  Click on the links to validate the data :


Retailer Brand Weight Country of Origin Grade Price Shipping Cost/gram Herbies 0.5g India (Kashmir) Not Stated $  9.90 Extra $    19.90 Herbies 0.5g Iran Not Stated $  9.50 Extra $    19.00
Woolworths Hoyts 100mg Tasmania Not Stated $ 14.30 n/a $  143.00
Woolworths Masterfoods 0.5g Not Stated Not Stated $  6.74 n/a $    13.48 Ellora 1g Spain Not Stated $ 10.00 Extra $    10.00 Not Stated 1g Iran Not Stated $  5.95 Extra $      5.95 Not Stated  0.5g India (Kashmir) Not Stated $ 11.50 Extra $     23.00


One of the interesting things is that no other online retailer we could find actually states the grade of their saffron - yet this is so important.  The grade of the saffron is what drives its quality and its value.  If the grade is not being mentioned you can bet that it is not a high grade.  Why would anyone pay a premium for saffron without knowing the grade ?

The gourmetshopper saffron is very expensive and ungraded.  Kashmiri saffron can be of good quality, however, Herbies sells under its own brand name suggesting it has been bought in bulk and repackaged locally.  This is something we at Saffrondust would never do.  All of our saffron is packaged and sealed by the producer in Iran.

The Woolworths Hoyts saffron is ridiculously expensive, and no that is not a misprint they really are selling it for $143 per gram.  For a kilogram of the Hoyts saffron you could buy a Porsche 911.

The Masterfoods saffron is priced OK, but a close look at the label (we purchased some to test) reveals no grading or even country of origin.  Its likely Spanish, bought in bulk and repackaged here.

The Aussiespices Spanish saffron is priced around $10/g which is not too bad, except that it is Spanish saffron and again no grade mentioned which means it is probably not an expensive grade.  The Aussiespices Iranian saffron at $5.95 is likely not good quality - you can tell by the cheap price, lack of any branding, and again no mention of grading.

The gourmetgroceronline saffron is unbranded and ungraded.  It is likely bought in bulk and repackaged locally to reduce cost.  The cost per gram of $23.00 is extremely high.


All of the other saffron retailers reviewed (with the exception of Woolworths which is a supermarket) charge shipping on top of their saffron prices.  Here at Saffrondust all of our saffron ships free so the price you see is the price you pay.  When you compare our prices againt the other options online you can see that it does not cost more to buy quality, in fact, it is very easy to pay too much online for a poor quality saffron.

Buy saffron from a trusted retailer who specialises in saffon.  If we are fortunate enough to take your next saffron order, please be sure that we take quality very seriously and it is our mission to ensure that you receive the highest quality saffron at a competitive price.







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