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The top 10 uses for saffron in history


Top 10 uses for saffron in history


1.  Bathing in saffron

It is said that Cleopatra would take a saffron infused bath as an aphrodisiac before liaising with her gentlemen friends; whilst Alexander the Great would take a saffron bath to heal battle wounds.


2.  Saffron as pigment

Buddhist monks would use saffron to dye their saffron robes, the colour is meant to signify the spiritual fire.  In other parts of the world saffron was always a sign of nobility due to its high cost and the enormous expense of using it as a dye.


3. Saffron for beauty

Saffron’s anti oxidant properties are an excellent acne treatment.  Saffron mixed with essential oils such as sandalwood and applied to the skin keeps skin silky smooth.  Saffron mixed with milk and honey and applied to the skin improves complexion and relieves dark spots.


4. Saffron as hair treatment

Saffron mixed with licorice and milk and applied to a bald spot is said to arrest hair loss and promote hair growth.


5. Saffron perfume

Saffron’s aromatic qualities have been used as a perfume for thousands of years.  The modern perfumes Bvlgari Omnia, Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur, and Georgio Armania Mania are just three of many that contain saffron.


6. Saffron as an appetite suppressant

Ingesting large quantities of saffron is said to act as an appetite suppressant (hence the popularity of saffron extracts as diet pills), although saffron in more moderate servings can stimulate appetite.


7. Saffron as a store of wealth

Throughout history saffron has frequently cost more than gold per unit of weight.  At various points in history saffron has been substituted for money and used as a store of capital.  In medieval times ½ a kilogram of saffron would be more than enough to buy a good horse.


8. Saffron as an object of crime

Due to its high value, it has always been tempting for merchants to adulterate saffron by cutting it with lower quality ingredients to make more profit.  In ancient times the crime of adulterating saffron was punishable by death.  In 1444 a merchant adulterating saffron in Bavaria would be burnt alive, whilst in Nuremberg in the 15th century a saffron adulterator would be buried alive.


9. Saffron as medicine

Saffron has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, as a cure for ailments ranging from infertility to digestive disorders.  In modern times, science has shown saffron to be an excellent source of anti-oxidants, a natural remedy for depression, and as a treatment for degenerative diseases such as MS and macular degeneration.  Safranal, a chemical compound found in saffron has been shown to inhibit cancer growth.


10. Saffron as a food

Last but not least saffron is an excellent and versatile spice that can be used in cooking to enhance the taste and colour of food.  Saffron is magic with seafood and citrus, not to mention that it is a natural companion to rice.  All sorts of meats can be flavoured or marinated with saffron, and it can even be used with sugars to flavour desserts.



You can see that saffron is more than just the golden spice, it has a rich history that dates back as far as mankind.  You can buy high quality saffron online now from and experience for yourself the exotic history of this amazing spice.



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