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What is a paella burner ?

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A paella burner is a gas powered Spanish cooking system specifically designed to cook the Spanish paella dish known as paella.

Paella burners consist of one or more enamelled steel gas rings which are perforated with hundreds of tiny holes, producing a flame a broad and even heat distribution which is designed to heat the base of a steel paella pan and cook a paella recipe.

There are 3 enamelled steel supports an inch or so above the gas rings which radiate out from the centre of the burner which are designed to provide a flat surface to support the steel paella pan for cooking. These supports are designed to fit a variety of pan sizes enabling a single sized paella burner to be used across a multitude of paella pan sizes.

The size of a paella burner is denoted by the diameter of the largest gas ring. For example a 200mm single gas ring paella burner has one gas ring with a diameter of 200mm. A 400mm dual gas ring burner has two gas rings, the outer most gas ring having a diameter of 400mm. Larger gas ring paella burners are measured in the same way.

Each gas ring in a paella burner connects to a central unit where the gas flow to each of the gas rings is controlled. A quality paella burner such as those manufactured by Garcima will have independently controlled gas rings enabling the gas flow to each ring to be controlled independently of the other gas rings. Low quality burners may have just one control which controls all the gas rings simultaneously.

The control unit will typically connect to a gas regulator and hose, which will then connect to the gas supply.

Paella burners are available in natural gas or LP gas configurations.

In Australia, only the LP gas configured paella burners have been approved by the AGA for sale and use in Australia, and natural gas paella burners are, at the time of writing, not available in Australia.

AGA approved paella gas burners distributed by Saffrondust have the AGA sticker attached to the control unit, and include an Australian standard gas regulator and hose which will connect directly to a normal Australian gas cylinder (eg. that you would buy from Bunnings or Barbecues Galore).

Paella burners are designed to sit on a flat surface, with each burner having three steel pegs at the bottom which lift the burner above the flat surface whilst maintaining horizontal cooking position for the burner and pan.

The sturdy steel construction enables the system to hold the significant weight of a large paella pan plus all the ingredients whilst cooking.

If a flat surface is not available, then all burners can be fitted to the Garcima reinforced steel stand pictured below :


Consisting of 3 red painted steel legs and 3 steel cross members, the reinforced steel stand can be quickly assembled using the included wingnuts, and screws into the 3 steel pegs at the base of the burner.

Once assembled the unit is sturdy and robust with no movement or slippage between the burner and the stand, enabling the assembled paella burner and stand to easily and safely support the weight of even a large paella pan laden with ingredients.

The assembled burner and stand is pictured below :


Stands are available for purchase separately from our website, or, can be purchased with a burner either in a paella set including a pan, or, for a discounted price when purchasing a paella burner.

Check the product listing in our online paella burner showroom for specific details regarding the stand.

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